- Ben Farr

Dingle Surf Surf Check Drones take to the Skies

Look up to the skies this summer as our brand new, only of its kind in the world, fleet of Surf Check Drones take to the air! We've invested in a squadron of super high-tech, self-piloting drones that will be soaring over County Kerry's surf breaks this summer checking out the surf to see where its pumping. 

See one of our Drones while surfing? You will be able to log in to our website to see yourself in action. So if you are getting barrelled at Brandon Bay, carving at Coumeenole or going inside at Inch and you see one of our Drones hovering above you, simply hit the rewind feature to check out your game.


Of course if you've got this far and still haven't worked out that this is an April fools, then we admire your gullibility or perhaps wishful thinking. While it would be really cool to have a fleet of autonomous drones updating us on the surf, I'm afraid theres more chance of us hiring some flying surf check pigs! Perhaps next year.... :p