Northcore E5 FCS Compatible Surfboard Fins. A budget fin set with a very similar template size and shape to the FCS G5. They have a good amount of flex in the tip and solid construction. The E5 is one of the best all.....
€20.00 EUR
Northcore F4 Futures Compatitble Surfboard Fins. These Futures compatible Nylon composite fins are based upon one of Futures most popular fins templates, the F4. It's a well balanced template that performs in a wide variety of conditions, so it's perfect as an.....
€28.00 EUR
Northcore FCS Compatible Fin Key. Always useful and FCS compatible, an essential bit of kit for every surfer for surfboard fin removal. If your surfboard has an FCS adjustable fin set up, then this is an essential piece of kit.....
€3.50 EUR
Northcors replacement stainless steel surfboard fin screws for standard FCS fittings, useful to have around for the time when an original gets lost. Sold in packs of 6. Standard FCS Compatible Set of 6 screws Robust, hard wearing, stainless steel ..
€3.50 EUR
Northcore Centre Fin Bolt for longboards. Stainless steel screw and plate for securing longboard fins- always handy to have a spare or two!  Strong stainless steel Crosshead, phillips screw driver compatible ..
€3.00 EUR