Hire FAQs

What is meant by 1 day rental?

We rent our equipment per 24hrs. So if you pick your gear up at 1pm one day, it has to be back by 1pm the next.

Do you rent everyday?

We rent throughout the year unless we consider the conditions to be unsafe. We will always advise which beach on the Dingle Peninsula will be best to surf on that day.

What is the procedure for hiring?

Drop us an email on the contact form to reserve your gear and then come into Dingle Surf Shop. on the day to collect your gear. We will need a valid credit card number from you in order to hire equipment or you can leave a document such as your passport with us. You will also be asked to fill out a form.

What kind of equipment can I rent?

To rent a softboard it is advised that you have already taken at least a beginner surf lesson and that you know the basic fundamentals of surfing. Some basic questions may be asked of you!

Do you rent hardboards?

At the moment we regret that we currently are not able to rent out hardboards. We are working on this and will be offering hard board rental in 2017.

Can I rent bodyboards for more than one day?

Yes you can. But we advise that it would make more financial sense to buy a bodyboard for this period of time.

How are damages paid for?

All damages or losses are paid for by the customer so it is up to you to look after and store the equipment in a safe environment overnight. Any loss or damage will incur a fee.