Surf School FAQs

How much are surf lessons?

Surf Lessons Kids €25/Adult €30
Kids Camps 3 Day €65/5 Day €80
Private Lessons 1:1 €90/2:1 €75pp/3:1 €60pp/4:1 €50
Family Surf Lessons (2 Adults + 2 Kids) €100
Groups (8 people+) Kids €20pp/Adult €25pp
Schools & Community Groups Please call for price

What is included in the surf lesson?

  • All equipment (surfboards, wetsuits, booties)
  • Transport to/from shop to beach
  • ISA approval and insurance
  • Super friendly and qualified surf instructors
  • Land coaching
  • An introduction to surfing with equipment overview, wave/sea assessment.
  • If you’ve already covered the basics, we’ll tailor the session to suit your needs.
  • Supervised surfing

What age range are your students?  

We have taught students of all ages from 5yrs old upwards, although students under 8 must be accompanied by an adult. There is no upper age limit and we have introduced people in their sixties and seventies to the fun of surfing.

What kind of surfboards are used in the surf lesson?

We use soft and safe ISA Approved surfboards that are easy to learn on. Our equipment is regularly checked and is up to date to ensure your safety.

What kind of wetsuits are used in the surf lesson?

We are proud to be a Billabong Surf School, and therefore we use only Billabong 5x3mm glued & blindstitched wetsuits to ensure you stay toasty and warm. Booties are also given all year around if you would like them.

May I bring my own wetsuit?

Yes you may, but first it must be approved by one of our instructors. We only allow the use of 3x2mm wetsuits in the summer months and they must be from a recognised wetsuit brand. Supermarket knock offs will not be allowed.

How long does the surf lesson last?

Allow 3.5 hours from start to finish.  This time is made up of changing into wetsuits, transport to/from beach, land coaching and then approx 1.5hrs in the water.

What time are the surf lessons?

Our lessons run daily at 9:30am and 1pm. More sessions may be available so just ask and in the busy summer months we will run a third session at 4:15pm. We need a minimum number of four people for the lessons to run. Anything below that is classed as a private lesson.

Do I need to book or can I just turn up on the day?

We STRONGLY advise you to book your lesson. Please don’t just turn up because we may not be able to fit you in. We run a tight instructor/student ratio (1:8) and need to ensure that we have the correct amount of instructors for the amount of students. To book simply head to our booking page or send us an email here.

What do I need to bring to the surf lesson?

All you need is a towel, your own swimsuit and possibly sunscreen if you are lucky to get a sunny day! We provide the rest. We do recommend a light snack and some water for afterwards.

Where do the surf lessons take place? 

All of our surf lessons start in Dingle at the surf shop on Green St – the street with the big church. We size you up for your wetsuit here and then take you north on the Wild Atlantic Way to a beach called Kilcummin, the safest and best beach in the area to learn to surf. Kilcummin is an undiscovered gem of the peninsula with beautiful clean waters, virtually empty beach and Brandon Mountain creating a beautiful vista for your surf.

What kind of transport is used to get to/from the beach?

We have a 16 seater mini-bus that is used to take you down and pick you up again from the beach. The trip takes you over the Conair Pass, one of the most scenic drives in Ireland, which some people have commented is worth the price alone!

May I use my own transport and meet you at the beach?

Yes you may, however this takes some planning. Getting the correct fitting wetsuit is crucial to your comfort and warmth during the lesson and this is done at the shop in Dingle. However if you are staying in Brandon or want to continue your journey on from Kilcummin you may make your own way to the beach. Just remember to let us know your wetsuit size.

I have never surfed before, is that a problem?

Most of our students have never surfed before so don’t worry about being the only beginner. All that matters is that you are not afraid of the sea, have a sense of adventure and that you are ready to have the time of your life!

Do I need to know how to swim?

It is advised that you do know how to swim. You don’t have to be an excellent swimmer, just competent in the water. Most surf lessons are held in waist depth water so you will be able to touch the bottom at all times.

Is the Dingle Surf School insured?

Yes, our Surf School has full insurance and only operates to the highest safety standards.

After taking a beginners surf lesson, will I need any more lessons?

The first surf lesson gives you the basics, gets you standing up on your board in the white-water surf zone, keeping you as safe as possible while you have loads of fun. If you want to progress to the ‘outback’ and ride unbroken waves, then you will need more surf lessons. Usually 4-6 lessons are enough for you to master the basics and be ready to go out and practice on your own.  However, this depends on a number of factors, such as fitness and stamina, surf conditions, winds and tides.

How many surf lessons do you recommend? 

We are asked this question regularly and it is really down to the individual, your available time, budget, commitment, fitness levels and aspirations. For a beginner, we would normally recommend at least 2 or 3 lessons to start off as this would allow for a reasonable progression.

How many surf lessons a day do you recommend on a course of lessons?

Once again, this depends on your personal circumstances. As a general rule, if you have time, our recommendation is to take one surf lesson a day.  This allows for plenty of rest between sessions. We tend to see better levels of progression from our students with this structure and motivation levels remain higher.

What if I have a medical condition? Can I still take part in surf lessons? 

All customers must complete a booking form prior to their surf lesson. This gives us information on your medical condition and it is not disclosed to any third party. Please contact us in advance if you have any concerns about your health.

I have been surfing for a while and I don’t want beginner type group lessons. What else can you offer?

Every single surfer, regardless of level, will always benefit from coaching.  We offer improver and developer lessons specifically aimed at surfers who are looking to develop their skills. We can cater for everyone from a first time novice surfer to a competition level surfer.

How do I book my surf lesson? 

You can book your lesson here on the website, by calling the shop on +353669150833 or by sending us an email here.

What sort of payment do you accept?  

We accept most major credit and debit cards, Paypal or cash.

What if conditions are unsuitable on the day?

Safety is king and the sea is to be respected at all times. If the swell on the day of your lesson is over 3.5m or the winds are gusting over 35kph we will be forced to cancel your lesson. In the rare event that conditions are unsuitable for surfing we will make every effort to reschedule your lesson. If we cannot reschedule we will credit you with a voucher that will be valid for 12 months or if this is not suitable, you will receive a full refund.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your lesson for whatever reason you must give us 24hrs notice. Anything after this and no refund will be issued except in exceptional circumstances such as bereavement or serious illness.

Why should I chose the Dingle Surf School? 

We have been in the surf business for 16 years and before that we were surfing since we were nippers. It takes a long time to discover and learn the best teaching techniques and we have this down to a fine art. We keep to small student/instructor ratios to make sure you are getting the best surf experience and don’t believe in over cramming our lessons just to make an extra buck, it isn’t fun for you, and most of all it isn’t safe.

We believe in offering you outstanding customer service and the highest level of surf tuition. Any surf lesson is only as good as its instructor and we believe the calibre of our surf instructors is our greatest asset. Our team are incredibly highly trained, motivated and dedicated to helping you learn new skills and most of all, friendly and approachable. Our instructors always enter the water with you and are there throughout your lesson adjusting your technique. All our staff are Garda vetted, experienced in coaching and working with children.

There are a lot of surf schools to choose from in Kerry. Watersports are a big industry here and so there are quite a few operators that have jumped on the bandwagon and offer a ‘”splash and dash”’ experience, sometimes at what may seem like an attractive price point. Unfortunately, some of these surf schools do not use fully accredited instructors, and stuff their classes full of students which actually voids their insurance. So please do choose your surf school with care, as it is so important to learn surfing from a professional school.