Brandon Bay

Wind Southerly
Swell Direction West - North
Tide All Tides
Bed Sand

Brandon Bay is a long 6km crescent shaped bay with a multitude of different peaks scattered along its shoreline. It makes the best of most swells and while non are of any huge quality it can be commended for its consistency, especially in the summer months. In fact the adage goes “if it’s not working in Brandon Bay, it’s not working anywhere!”

Hugely popular with both windsurfers and kite surfers, Brandon Bay has played host to various World Championships and the Red Bull Storm Chase team in the winter of 2013.

When travelling from Dingle park at the top of the Conor Pass for a birds-eye view of the Bay to decide which peak is working best that day. As the Bay curves eastward towards the Maharees it is generally considered that the surf gets better, but you’ll be surprised by how sizeable and fun it can be at all the breaks listed below.

From west to east

Kilcummin – Home to our Surf SchoolKillcumin is a perfect gentle beginner wave. The waves break just to the right of the small river inlet and be sure to watch out for the ship wreck that is only visible at low tide. Gentle left and rights a plenty here which shape up nicely at low to mid tide.

Gowlane/Stradbally – Take any of the tracks down to the beach from the R560 and park up on the dunes. These are typical beach breaks that usually have waves when others don’t.

Stoney Gap – Situated between the two caravan parks. It is good in north west swell at low tide.

Dumps – Has hollower sections than other breaks in the area. The best waves are at low to mid tide. At high tide the name Dumps reveals its origins – you will be dumped onto the stones.

Mossies – A mellow left and right reef that works at mid to high tide. A long paddle out or entry via Gary William Point means this is for the experienced only.

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