Inch Strand & Reef

Inch Strand

Wind  East
Swell Direction West-South
Tide All Tide
Bed Sand


Inch Strand (or Inch Beach) is a 3km long spit that juts out of the southeast corner of the Peninsula. A busy tourist spot, it is also popular with water sports enthusiasts with several surf schools setting up residency and jostling for position here during the summer months making it a rather congested line-up.

The wave itself works on a west to southwest swell and is perfect for beginners as it breaks over soft sand. Although there is a line of submerged rocks to looks out for along part of the beach that has gotten the better of many a toe over the years. Longboarders will prosper on this mellow wave. You’ll find breaks all along the strand but the north end is usually the best.

Inch Reef

Wind North East
Swell Direction West-South
Tide All Tide
Bed Rock


Voted as one of the Top 10 Best Waves in Ireland by Irish surf magazine Tonnta, Inch Reef is the jewel in Kerry’s surfing crown. About half a dozen times a year you will see line upon line of waves stretched to the horizon like corduroy trousers eventually peeling into stunning long rights with rides often lasting as long as 300-400m.


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