Swell Window  West - South
Best Wind Northeast
Tide Low - Mid
Bed Sand


Although only a beach break, Coumeenole can deliver some incredible punch in its waves. The shifting sandbars can produce both lefts and rights of deceptive power and with the correct wind conditions (usually northeast-east) you can get some classy barrels forming.

Exposed to both south and southwest swells Coumeenole is at its best at low to mid tide on the push. Strong rips and a heavy beach dump when swells are larger mean we advise beginners approach this break with caution.

One of the more consistent breaks on the Dingle Peninsula and certainly the most stunning, being nestled at the foot of the cliffs at the end of the Slea Head Drive – named as one of the most beautiful places on earth by National Geographic – if you are up to the challenge we certainly recommend you experience the amazing crystal clear waters in this majestic setting.

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